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Entry Title: "The Most Beautiful Times"
Yuwen Wang
Category and Expertise: People-Self-Portrait, Professional

Entry Description: The Most Beautiful Times is a non-linear narrative depicting a woman’s
psychological experiences with sexual passion, in which she struggles,
suffers, submits, and sacrifices. It is in these moments that profound
emotions exist, which change the woman and enrich meanings of her life.

This body of work is both literal and metaphorical, as well as remembered and fantasized. The images are based on real experiences re-imagined in constructed images to examine the character’s internal conflicts, loss of innocence and desire. These are manifested through her performance and the environments she inhabits. In this work, daily life objects and environments are linked to actual events while interactions with them and alteration of the space are blended with fantasy.

Color blocks, graphic elements and simplified environments are utilized
to further illustrate the illusory nature in this series and to convey the
fictional quality of the performance. A childlike visual language and ridicule satire are used to explore a new means to elaborate women sexuality and feminism.