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Entry Title: "Mild sunset at Cory Brother's quay"
Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez
Category and Expertise: Nature-Sunset, Professional

Entry Description: This image was taken in June 2016 during a sunset on the old dock of the historic British company Cory Brothers. This dock was built in 1912 and consists of two old bridges used to transport coal. It was originally operated by the British firm Cory Brothers & Company Ltd. for the supply of coal in the port of Tenerife. For this image I used a professional camera Canon 5D Mark II with tripod + EF 24-70mm Canon lens f / 4L IS USM and an ND filter built with a long exposure of about 3-5 minutes. The result is an artistic effect of "smearing " in both the clouds and the waves of the sea. Th RAW file was developed in Adobe Lightroom 5.0 . My goal was to express serenity freezing sea waves , as if time would dillate, giving the scene a dreamlike dimension.