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Entry Title: "S I C I L Y "
Category and Expertise: Events-Other, Events, Non-Professional

Entry Description: He was born in Ragusa in 1988, when he was nine years old he began to have a passion for photography and art. He studied in the Art School of Palazzolo Acreide, after he finished his studies he fed the passion for photography as autodidact, he participated in various National photo contests, getting excellent results. He got an important recognition in 2012 winning a competition organized by National Geographic Italy, that gave him the opportunity to attend the Master of Reportage Photography at the John Kaverdash’s Academy in Milan. He is finalist at the 10th Edition of the International Art Prize Arte Laguna 2015. Over the years his photos has been published in many magazines as “Traveller di Condé - Nast Edizioni”, “Le Figaro Magazine”. He took part in group expositions and has set up a solo exhibitions in the area of Siracusa and Catania . He lives and works in Palazzolo Acreide.