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Entry Title: "#Me "
Ira Rokka
, Russian Federation
Category and Expertise: People-Self-Portrait, Professional

Entry Description: «Hashtag- a symbol made to sort out information and to put it in order.»
Huge social wave of self-centrism seems to be a reaction on worldwide globalization processes that humanity were not prepared for psychologically-« don't be lost in the crowd», «lifestream your life» , «release yourself as a product».
The creation of virtual image of a person puts a person in cognitive dissonances and creates issues with self-identification. And totally changes borders and perception of privacy.

The symbol of separation transforms to symbol of unification. For the first time in history the basic human needs (to be #seen, #heard and to get positive #feedback on the fact of their existence) get their own symbol - HASHTAG . Almost like a new religious symbol of the century.